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Mi sono lavato le mani con l'amuchina e sto a circa 1 metro dal PC. Bel sito.
by Rambo, 4 weeks ago
This site feel me sone inches excited
by John Holmes, 4 weeks ago
A me piace firmare i Guestbook fin dai lontani anni 90
by Visitatore, 4 weeks ago
Ma non sapevo nemmeno avessi un sito!
by Io, 4 weeks ago
This site is heavy!!
by Isaac Newton, 4 weeks ago
Bello questo sito, vorrei invitarti a casa mia per farne uno simile ma piĆ¹ lungo.
by Visitatrice Avvenente, 4 weeks ago
We still have right of reading this website.
by Richard Stallman, 4 weeks ago
I feel a lack of rounded corners, think different!
by Steve Jobs, 4 weeks ago
It's a beautiful website! Did you used Frontpage?
by Bill Gates, 4 weeks ago
#1! :D
by Tassoman, 4 weeks ago