Welcome at the Spreadshop WordPress plugin’s home page.

Here you can get lastest version of that plugin.

If you would see a demo, try my shop.

Spreadshirt is a online gadget service. You can easily sell online your personal t-shirts and gadgets with a pretty handy Macromedia Flash interface.

Items quality seem excelent but prices aren’t cheapest, if you’re in a hurry you can start selling gadgets online and gain some € or $ .

Wordpress Plugins


Warning: this software is no more supported and probably obsolete
Here is listed my contribution to Wordpress plugins repository. This software is developed and distributed under the GPL licence, that means it's free software (software libero), you can share it, redistribute and modify as you want. You're welcome to praise me and my work, the time i spent on it, the knowledge used, and the opportunity to improve your skills by some donation. No matter how much.


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